The VSM Technical Center (TC) in Hanover-Hainholz boasts an array of specialized training courses such as user tests and product training courses. This service completes a comprehensive and customized package available for our customers and trading partners.

Our training courses and seminars are customized to suit the needs of end users and dealers and are interpreted into various languages. Our services also include in-house training courses which are tailor-made to suit the needs of individual customers.

Beyond providing theoretical knowledge, our seminars focus on hands-on trying and testing and experiencing abrasives at first hand. The impact of grinding parameters on surface finishes and performance as well as cutting and machining on various machines are important training aspects. In addition to this, participants of our seminars are also given information on measuring techniques and cost appraisal factors involved in grinding processes.

Training content and dates

Grinding Technology: Basic end-user training

  • VSM grinding solutions
  • Grinding parameters, sources of error and fault prevention
  • Examples of use
  • Surface parameters
  • Practical grinding training
  • New findings from the VSM laboratory and practical experience

13-09 - 14-09-21
04-10 - 05-10-21
06-12 - 07-12-21

Grinding Technology: Distributor Training

  • VSM grinding solutions
  • Grinding parameters
  • Surface measurement techniques
  • Practical grinding training
  • Current examples of use

27-09 - 28-09-21
13-12 - 14-12-21

Grinding Technology: A Focus Seminar

  • New findings of scientific works
  • Further surface parameters
  • Corrosion resistance of ground surfaces
  • In-depth grinding training and measurement exercises
  • Current examples of use

Power Tools: 22-11 - 23-11-21

training leaflet for download

  • Grinding Technology: basic end-user training
    Grinding Technology: basic end-user training(73 KB)
  • Grinding Technology: Distributor Training
    Grinding Technology: Distributor Training(98 KB)
  • Focus Seminar Cylindrical Grinding
    Focus Seminar Cylindrical Grinding(82 KB)
  • Focus Seminar Flat Grinding
    Focus Seminar Flat Grinding(75 KB)
  • Focus Seminar Power Tools
    Focus Seminar Power Tools(102 KB)

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