Grinding is what it’s all about: New VSM face-to-face seminars

In autumn 2021, VSM launched a completely new seminar concept in Hanover: Fewer participants, short theoretical units and comprehensive practical sessions. At our new ‘grinding carousel’ with seven different stations, from centreless and flat grinding machines to backstand and power tools, you can experience the performance of VSM abrasives in...

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Introducing VSM's 2022/2023 Product range

The new VSM range of abrasives for 2022/2023 is now available both online and in print.

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Welding and grinding go hand in hand

If you weld, you grind. This is because both the preparation of a weld seam and the post-processing are important in achieving a high-quality joint. Abrasives clean the area to be welded, take on the task of bevelling, and flatten the seam. The demands on the tool are enormous: it needs to produce large quantities with consistently high quality, to...

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VSM ACTIROX is now also available as an abrasive belt: Maximum stock removal and increased productivity thanks to geometrically shaped ceramic grains.

The hannover-based abrasives manufacturer Vereinigte Schmirgel- und Maschinen-Fabriken (VSM) AG now presents the new AK890Y abrasive belt from the VSM ACTIROX technology family. The stock removal-orientated ceramic grain abrasive sets new standards for processing superalloys, stainless steels and carbon steels when it comes to stock removal and...

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VSM personal masks prove popular

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a huge run on personal face masks. New orders were practically impossible and delivery dates were postponed until May at the earliest. To meet this growing demand, a team of employees organised by Rena Benthin (Consultant Health and Social Affairs) and Mike Kowalik (Director of Further Processing)...

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