VSM at the CIHF

With all the product highlights on show, a well-frequented trade fair stand, and lots of positive feedback: the 33rd "China International Hardware Fair" (CHIF), from 1 to 3 April in Shanghai, was an all-round success for VSM.

As the second largest economy and the largest steel producer in the world, China is one of the most important markets of all. Naturally, VSM was particularly keen to exhibit at China's central tool and machinery trade fair. At VSM’s stand in Hall 6, Chinese trade visitors were presented with ideal solutions across the entire range of abrasives applications, from rough grinding to the production of extra fine finishes.

Maximum stock removal for coarse grinding tasks
VSM ACTIROX and VSM CERAMICS Plus are optimised for stock removal and present the perfect solution for rough grinding tasks. Thanks to their highly aggressive cutting action, ACTIROX AF890 and AF799 fibre discs are ideal for bevelling and levelling welded seams in non-alloyed steels, stainless steels and carbon steels.

The microcrystalline ceramic-grain abrasive VSM CERAMICS Plus has an improved self-sharpening effect for medium to high contact pressures and offers aggressive yet cool grinding throughout its very long service life. The new VSM STEARATE Plus XF733 fibre disc, which simplifies the grinding of non-ferrous metals and aluminium, was also on show: this combines the well proven VSM CERAMICS technology with the new STEARATE additional layer, which significantly reduces clogging of the abrasive.

The three abrasives mentioned above all have one thing in common: they achieve the maximum possible stock removal and thus significantly increase productivity.

Fascinating high-gloss finishes: VSM ILUMERON
VSM ILUMERON stands for perfect finishes. When grinding tubes, plates or sheets, it achieves outstandingly fine surface finishes. "Many of our Chinese visitors were amazed at the high degree of gloss, which is practically mirror-like", exclaims Stephen Liu from VSM’s Shanghai representative office, describing the popularity of the long-term abrasive RK700X with polyester cloth backing.

"Overall, the CIHF was an excellent trade fair for us: We received consistently positive feedback for our trade fair presentation and were able to make many new contacts. With ILUMERON and ACTIROX, in particular, the expectations of the Chinese users are very high – and we will certainly not disappoint them", says Liu in summary.

About VSM

With 150 years of experience, VSM AG is one of the leading companies in the international abrasives market. Its core expertise lies in the production of coated abrasives. VSM develops high-end solutions for abrasives, which have to meet the specific requirements of specialist retailers, trade professionals and industry. We always put our customers first. Our network of subsidiaries and sales partners gives us a presence in more than 70 different countries.

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