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  • Increased belt service life leads to fewer tool changes
  • Uniform surface finish with a uniform scratch pattern
  • Constant stock removal thanks to more uniform wear behaviour ensures maximum process reliability


  • Perfectly suited for grinding superalloys, stainless steel and carbon steel
  • Developed for applications with medium to high contact pressures on cylindrical and flat grinding machines
  • Suitable for wet and dry grinding
Compact grain for an extended tool life


  • Improved grain reserve and grain adhesion guarantees full utilisation of the granulate
  • Optimised base coat and top coat
  • Very sturdy polyester backing

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Proven increase in productivity

Dreieckiges Keramikschleifkorn für maximalen Materialabtrag

Grinding task

  • Grinding of stainless steel coils conducted to meet the highest quality requirements of an industrial company in Europe


Customer requirements

  • To optimize the grinding process during operation with minimum machine down times
  • Reducing tooling costs
  • Reducing the belt disposal costs



  • A two-fold increase in the service life when grinding a stainless steel coil of 1,200 m length
Keramikschleifkorn Made in Germany

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