X-LOCK in stock

All VSM fibre discs with diameters of 115 mm, 125 mm and 150 mm are available with the X-LOCK design. Many of these are held in stock and ready for immediate delivery. We can supply further versions on request.

ACTIROX products, with their geometrically shaped abrasive grain, are particularly suited to rough grinding tasks such as bevelling and the abrading of sprues.

VSM CERAMICS and CERAMICS Plus products are characterised by their long service life and self-sharpening effect.

When it comes to processing non-ferrous metals, the XF733 fibre disc is the ideal choice. The additional grinding-active layer ALU-X significantly reduces clogging of the abrasive.

VSM fibre discs for Bosch X-LOCK

Technical information

Fibre disc shapes

Available in a wide choice of dimensions and shapes, VSM fibre discs are suitable for use in many applications. Alongside discs with a cross-shaped slot, circular centre hole or X-LOCK interface, special shapes are also available.

Certified quality for maximum safety

Fibre discs made of durable vulcanised fibre backing that resists deformation

Resistant to deformation and capable of handling extreme loads, the durable vulcanised fibre backing meets the strictest safety requirements. VSM fibre discs are not only subjected to internal quality controls but also have oSa® certification. Only tested, high-quality tools are awarded the internationally trademarked oSa® label and guarantee maximum safety for users.

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