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  • Double the stock removal and double the service life
  • Reduced chip adhesion extends the service life – resulting in fewer tool changes
  • Grease-free and oil-free grinding keeps the workplace clean
  • Fewer abrasives used cuts waste management costs


  • STEARATE Plus performs at its best when machining non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, bronze and copper
  • Ideal for weld seam processing – both for preparing and levelling weld seams
  • Suitable for removing burrs and sprues
Fibre disc with STEARATE Plus, grinding non-ferrous metals


  • 100% VSM CERAMICS abrasive grain
  • The additional VSM STEARATE Plus layer considerably reduces chip adhesion
  • Vulcanised fibre backing – highly resistant to deformation and heat
  • Robust X-polyester backing – also for use in wet grinding
  • Specially developed for machining aluminium and non-ferrous metals

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VSM STEARATE Plus: Grinding without clogging

The STEARATE performance boost

The new additional anti-adhesive layer ensures the efficiency of VSM STEARATE Plus across the entire service life of the abrasive where as conventional abrasives are more likely to clog, which has a severely detrimental effect on the performance of the abrasive.

Ideal for non-ferrous metals

NF metals tend to clog the abrasive. The chips can no longer be removed and build up on the tip of the grain. This is how built-up edges are formed. The grain stops working and the abrasive can no longer be used.

VSM STEARATE Plus prevents chip adhesion and therefore clogging of the abrasive. As a result, the service life of the abrasive is enhanced considerably and stock removal remains high.

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