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  • Maximum stock removal thanks to geometrically shaped ceramic abrasive grain
  • Faster grinding ensures very short processing times
  • More than double the stock removal compared with conventional ceramic grain abrasives
  • Improved chip removal – even when grinding aluminium


  • AK890Y excels in stationary applications such as removing weld seams and burrs using backstand grinders.
  • AF799 and AF890 fibre discs, with their grit range of 36+, 60+ and 80+, are ideal for precise rough grinding: For example, for removing weld seams with high-speed angle grinders
Maximum stock removal thanks to geometrically shaped ceramic abrasive grain, alternative to cubitron 3m


  • 100% geometrically shaped VSM ceramic abrasive grain – Made in Germany
  • Aggressive grinding is ensured by upright abrasive grain at an optimal angle
  • The additional grinding-active layer VSM TOP SIZE ensures cool grinding while extending the service life

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Geometrically shaped ceramic abrasive grain

Triangular ceramic abrasive grain for maximum stock removal
  • Geometrically shaped ceramic abrasive grain ensures maximum stock removal
  • The grain wears down in a controlled manner to create a constant series of new, sharp cutting edges
Ceramic abrasive grain ‘Made in Germany’


VSM is one of only a handful of ceramic grain manufacturers in Germany and the rest of the world. By producing our own abrasive grain at our Hanover site, we can significantly influence the performance characteristics of our VSM abrasives.

A significant boost to your productivity

Increased stock removal with ACTIROX


Thanks to their extremely high stock removal, VSM ACTIROX fibre discs can process more workpieces in the same period of time.

The plus in grinding performance

Practice has shown that ACTIROX abrasives have a higher abrasive performance than comparable conventional abrasives – with a consistent surface finish. You achieve higher stock removal than you would expect with the specified grit size, but you do not get a rougher surface. A real plus for your grinding process.

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