Comprehensive CERAMICS and CERAMICS Plus range

A comprehensive range of grinding tools

The VSM CERAMICS and CERAMICS Plus portfolio offers a comprehensive selection of abrasives for a wide range of applications. With a total of 25 series in different versions and with different dimensions and grit sizes, there is a wide range of options to choose from. The ceramic grain series were primarily developed for machining metals, including stainless steel, nonferrous metals, superalloys and unalloyed steel.

Thanks to their versatility and performance, the CERAMICS and CERAMICS Plus series practically always offer a solution for demanding grinding tasks in various industrial applications.

Indispensable in production halls

Grinding of dished ends

Workpiece Tank bottoms
Material Chromium nickel steel (1.4301)
Series XK885Y
Grit size 20
Belt dimensions 60 × 2,175 mm
Contact wheel 390 mm diameter, Hardness: 80° Shore A, Serration: 10:8
Cutting speed 29.5 m / s
Rotation speed Manual
Lubricant None

Result: The number of machined workpieces per abrasive belt is doubled.

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Centreless grinding

Workpiece Tubes, outer diameter 104 mm
Material Chromium nickel steel (1.4301)
Series XK760X
Grit size 40
Belt dimensions 150 x 3,500 mm
Contact wheel 450 mm diameter, Hardness: 60° Shore A, Serration: 2:1
Cutting speed 25 m / s
Axial feed rate 2.5 m / min
Lubricant Emulsion

Result: Increase in grinding performance per abrasive belt from 600 to 900 pieces, resulting in reduced set-up costs.

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Use the self-sharpening effect

Compared to products from other suppliers, VSM ceramic grain abrasives not only achieve a higher stock removal rate, but also a reduced temperature in the grinding zone, because the microcrystalline grain structure enables continuous self-sharpening:

Top: Degradation behaviour of CERAMICS Bottom: Degradation behaviour of CERAMICS Plus

Wear pattern of the grain

During machining, individual grain fragments break off continuously, forming a fresh, sharp grain tip. VSM CERAMICS abrasives are therefore known for their optimum stock removal and highly regarded as a premium product for a wide range of stationary and mobile grinding applications.

VSM CERAMICS Plus abrasive grains offer an even better self-sharpening effect. Especially when machining high-alloyed steels and superalloys using high contact pressures. The unique microcrystalline grain structure enables significantly finer and sharper breaking of the grain, which leads to lower working temperatures and a significantly longer service life.

Field tests have shown that the stock removal rate and service life of the VSM CERAMICS and VSM CERAMICS Plus series are up to 40% greater than those of conventional ceramic grain abrasives.

Additional grinding-active layers for optimum performance

Right: With conventional abrasives, heat develops and causes discolouration of the workpiece. Left: TOP SIZE results in a “cool cut” and an extended service life.

Cool cutting with TOP SIZE

TOP SIZE is ideal for dry machining stainless, heat-resistant steels. The grinding-active layer lowers the temperature in the grinding zone and thus significantly improves cutting performance. This significantly increases the service life of the abrasive.

Top: With conventional abrasives, the chips stick to the grain tips; the abrasive clogs. Bottom: The VSM ALU-X additional layer significantly reduces adhesion; the abrasive can be used for longer.

ALU-X: The expert for non-ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals tend to clog the abrasive. Instead of being cleared, the chips start forming deposits on the grains, A built-up cutting edge is created. The abrasive grain can no longer work and the abrasive is unusable.

VSM ALU-X prevents chip adhesion and thus clogging of the abrasive. Apart from extending the service life, this also maintains a high rate of stock removal.


Angle grinder with CERAMICS fibre disc

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