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  • Specially developed manufacturing process avoids random grinding marks
  • Consistent surface quality within extremely narrow tolerances
  • Increase in productivity: grinding and polishing in a single step
  • Fewer tool changes thanks to an extended
    service life
  • Less dust accumulation on the workpiece
  • Low operating noise improves user safety


  • VSM ILUMERON offers top performance for the processing of stainless steels, superalloys and unalloyed steels
  • Developed for applications with low to medium contact pressure
  • Suitable for wet and dry grinding
VSM ILUMERON RK700X long-term abrasive


  • Extended service life, as the abrasive gradually wears down over the entire surface
  • Full-faced coated abrasive with aluminium oxide
  • Sturdy polyester backing

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For a consistent surface quality

ILUMERON for a consistent surface quality within extremely low tolerances and without ‘random’ scratches
  • The full-faced coated abrasive with a special bond wears down in a controlled manner over its entire surface
  • This produces a consistent surface quality within extremely narrow tolerances – and without ‘random’ scratches

For a glossy and fine scratch pattern

RK700X for a glossy and fine scratch pattern

Cylindrical grinding of rollers

Workpiece Roller, Ø 440 mm
2,120 mm lenght
Material St-52
Series RK700X
Grit size P180 – P1200
Belt dimensions 150 × 3,500 mm
Contact wheel Ø = 450 mm, 75° Shore A
Cutting speed 14 m / s
Feed rate 900 mm / min,
rotation speed
roller 128 U / min
Lubricant Emulsion

Result: Uniform stock removal, improved surface quality due to narrow tolerances and no "wild" scratches

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Grinding of tubes

Workpiece Tube
Material Stainless steel
Serie RK700X
Grit size P800 – P1200
Belt dimensions 60 x 940 mm
Cutting speed 27 m / s
Feed rate 2 m / s
Lubricant None

Result: Optimum gloss and increase in efficiency: Fewer subsequent process steps required (polishing)

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