Abrasive belts for industry use

Product information

  • Various dimensions: from file belts to wide belts, and from sleeves to long belts
  • Available with the full range of VSM grain technologies: from VSM ACTIROX and VSM CERAMICS Plus to VSM NON-WOVEN
  • Available in grit sizes from 20 to 1200


  • Backings made of paper or cloth materials
  • Various cloth backings available – from extremely flexible to extremely sturdy
  • Paper backings from 70 g/m2 – 300 g/m2 for dry grinding applications

Belt joints

  • Various belt joint types – perfectly matched to the respective application
  • Belt joints with very high tear strength
Abrasive belts with tear-resistant belt joints

Additional grinding-active layers

Improves cutting performance while reducing temperatures in the contact zone.

Prevents chip adhesion to avoid clogging up the abrasive. Also results in longer service life.

By avoiding electrostatic build-up, the dust created by grinding does not adhere to the machine or workpiece.

Technical information

Belt classifications

VSM classifies abrasive belts with widths from 3 mm to 2,850 mm and lengths from 31 mm to 23,200 mm.

  • Narrow belts
  • Wide belts
  • File belts
File belt, wide belt, narrow belt, long belt, short belt, sleeve, master belt, rings, abrasive belt
Other dimensions on request


Cloth backings

  • Available in aramid, cotton, polyester or polycotton
  • The cloth is utilised as a backing for abrasives after in-house finishing has been completed, to adjust elongation and flexibility.
  • High tear strength
  • Depending on the application, cloth backings are available from extremely flexible (E-cloth) to extremely sturdy (Z-cloth)

Paper backings

  • Stretch-resistant
  • Lower weight compared to cloth
  • The lighter the paper, the more flexible the backing becomes

Belt joints


Straight cut, glued underneath with film from backing side

Stable and sturdy standard belt joint for all geometries. E07 is mostly used for cloth-backed belts and is suitable for use in any application.

Stable and sturdy standard joint


Wave cut, glued underneath with film from backing side

Belt joint for ‘gentle’ engagement with the contact zone, offers smoother belt running. Suitable for wide and narrow belts with cloth backing.

Belt joint with corrugated cut


Straight cut, both ends overlapping

This belt joint is mainly used for wide and long belts with paper backings for flat surface grinding

Belt joint with straight cut, overlapped on both ends


Straight cut, both ends overlapping, no grain on upper flap

Suitable for flat surface grinding applications with platen. E14 is mainly used for woodworking applications.

Belt joint for woodworking

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