Successful wire symposium

Wire processing symposium in Hanover
More than 30 experts from all over Europe took part in a wire processing symposium in the VSM Technical Center from 10 to 11 October, 2018, to discuss the latest methods for wire processing.

Hardly any other semi-finished product in the metal industry is processed in as many different ways as wire: it can be found in a multitude of forms, from steel shot to coil springs and wire cables, and in many different sizes and materials. And scarcely any other field is faced with such growing requirements – such as those presented by new technologies – as wire processing.

The participants from Germany, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Spain, Austria and Belgium discussed and caught up on the most recent methods and trends in the sector. The programme of the two-day event was diverse. In addition to the composition of modern abrasives and the practical applications, participants were able to learn about perfect surfaces, digitisation for measurement devices, cold hose wires and mechanical descaling systems.

Current solutions to the greatest challenges in wire processing were addressed: including the topics of automation, innovation, capacity expansion and "holistic" approaches along the entire process chain, such as the issues of environmental protection and disposal.

Important transfer of expertise
"Events such as this symposium are incredibly important for transferring expertise within the industry, which is why we are so pleased with the active participation and good collaboration with our cooperation partners", says Michael Langer, Manager of the VSM Technical Center. "Also, the forum once again underlines our endeavour as market and innovation leader to always have our ear to the ground in the abrasives market – and to ensure that our customers and partner companies profit directly from our experience and solutions."

The event was initiated by VSM, WiTechs, Koch Maschinen and Qass.

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