ILUMERON wins innovation award 2018

EuroBLECH award in the ‘Surface Technology’ category: an innovation prize for the Ilumeron long-term abrasive

ILUMERON – VSM's latest product highlight – was selected by an expert panel to receive the innovation prize "Award for EuroBLECH" in the Surface Technology category. The new long-term abrasive allows grinding and polishing to be performed in one single step and produces perfect finishes with the highest level of lustre, thus combining the greatest productivity level with premium surface quality.

Winner in the Surface Technology category
VSM ILUMERON received the award in the Surface Technology category. This year marks the ninth time that this award has been given out specialist portal blechnet and trade journal MM Maschinen Markt. As part of the exhibition, the award is given out to honour the industry's most innovative companies and products at the show. "We are naturally very delighted to have received this award here in Hanover at the world's most important exhibition for the sheet metal working industry," says Thomas Dittmayer, Director of Marketing West Europe. "Many years of research and development work have been put into ILUMERON. We are very proud of the result as it represents a true innovation that provides our customers with decisive competitive advantages."

Grinding and polishing in a single step
VSM ILUMERON was successfully launched in spring 2018. It showcases its strengths when it is used to grind workpieces made of non-alloy steel, stainless steel or superalloys in applications where a fine, glossy and premium finish is required – such as on square profiles, slabs, tubes, kitchen furnishings and, of course, metal sheets. VSM ILUMERON allows grinding and polishing to be performed in a single step – eliminating any extra work and costs associated with polishing. This means an entire process step is no longer required. The newly developed abrasive is coated with abrasive grains that break down over the entire surface in a controlled manner. This results in extremely fine and uniform surfaces with the highest gloss level.

Companies using the product benefit from an extended service life, fewer tool changes and productivity increases of up to more than 300 per cent (compare with competing products).

VSM will be exhibiting at EuroBLECH 2018 until Friday this week. The international technology exhibition for sheet metal working is held in Hanover, where VSM's headquarters are located. As a leading exhibition with over 60,000 visitors, it is not only a must-attend event for VSM but also the place where the “Award for EuroBLECH” was given out yesterday.

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