Grinding non-ferrous metals and aluminium with Stearate Plus

VSM STEARATE Plus fibre disc XF733 optimizes the grinding process for demanding NF metals and aluminium. Reduced chip adhesion and hence less clogging result in double the amount of stock removal and double the service life.

VSM’s ceramic-based abrasives have for many years been leaders for high stock removal rates and a long service life. With the new VSM STEARATE Plus fibre disc XF733, the tried and tested VSM CERAMICS technology meets the new anti-adhesive layer STEARATE Plus. The end result is an innovative abrasive which makes machining of non-ferrous metals (NF metals) and aluminium considerably easier. STEARATE Plus significantly reduces chip adhesion, hence solving one of the biggest problems identified in grinding, i.e. premature clogging of the abrasive. This has been demonstrated through numerous tests performed for a variety of applications at the VSM Technical Centre in Hanover.

STEARATE Plus significantly reduces chip adhesion
"NF metals such as aluminium, bronze and copper are very demanding materials, which tend to clog the abrasive prematurely", states Dennis Senning, VSM Product Manager. When that happens, chips are not removed. They accumulate on the grain tips and after some time, a built-up edge is formed. As a consequence, the grain is unable to cut and the abrasive becomes unusable. VSM offers a solution to this problem: "The new additional STEARATE Plus layer is the optimum solution for reducing chip adhesion and consequently clogging of the abrasive. This is how our STEARATE Plus fibre disc significantly enhances the service life and guarantees a reliably high stock removal rate even after a prolonged use", says Dennis Senning about the key feature of this new product.

Doubling the service life
Field tests demonstrated that XF733 has double the service life compared to the currently leading abrasive when grinding aluminium superstructures for the automotive industry. Similar results of an increase in the service life were achieved when grinding window frames.

And XF733 scored high in another area: The temperature in the contact area is usually extremely high. Backing materials of other products tend to warp and blister. The vulcanized fibre backing of the VSM STEARATE Plus disc, on the other hand, is extremely heat-resistant and remains fully efficient until it reaches the end of its service life.

The VSM STEARATE Plus fibre disc XF733 is now available (May 2018).

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