VSM ACTIROX fibre discs are now also available in finer grit sizes

ACTIROX fibre discs for rough grinding operations

VSM has added further grit sizes to the ACTIROX AF890 and AF799 series. The fibre discs are now available in 60+ and 80+ grit sizes, as well as the tried-and-tested 36+ version.

Customers from the metalworking and processing industries have been benefiting from ACTIROX technology since 2018: Geometrically shaped ceramic abrasive grain that continuously produces new sharp cutting edges. A short contact time automatically results in less friction – and thus a lower temperature in the grinding zone. Thanks to its faster cut and the maximum possible stock removal, ACTIROX reduces operating costs and measurably increases productivity.

Precise rough grinding with ACTIROX fibre discs

With the 36+, 60+ and 80+ grit ranges, both rough stock removal and precise grinding are possible. This eliminates the need for time-consuming tool changes, downstream grinding steps and laborious reworking.

AF890 sets new standards in stock removal and grinding speeds when machining superalloys and stainless steel. With the grinding-active TOP SIZE additional layer, the fibre disc minimises unwanted tarnishing and heat-induced material deformations. AF890 achieves its full performance when used with high-speed angle grinders.

AF799 optimally extends the range of possible applications: This fibre disc really plays to its strengths when processing unalloyed steels and aluminium. Chips are removed more effectively thanks to reduced chip adhesion.

Ceramic abrasive grain ‘Made in Germany’

The company headquarters in Hanover not only manufactures the abrasives, but also produces the ceramic abrasive grains: for conventional ceramic grain abrasives as well as for the new ACTIROX technology. This makes VSM one of the few ceramic grain manufacturers in the world. Producing the abrasive grain in house can have a decisive impact on the performance of VSM abrasives – not least due to the consistently high quality of the preliminary products and manufacturing processes.

ACTIROX: The plus in grinding performance

In practice, ACTIROX abrasives have been shown to deliver better grinding performance than comparable conventional abrasives – and with a consistent surface finish. Users achieve more stock removal than they would expect with the indicated grit size, and the surface is no rougher. A real plus for every grinding process.

The AF890 and AF799 fibre discs are now available in 36+, 60+ and 80+ grit sizes.

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