ALU-X: The expert for aluminium grinding

VSM ALU-X: The “next generation” of abrasives for machining aluminium

VSM has launched the successor to its successful STEARATE Plus series: VSM ALU-X

ALU-X is the new series of abrasives developed by VSM to meet the specific requirements of grinding non-ferrous metals and to replace the well-known VSM STEARATE and STEARATE Plus series. The abrasive combines two effective VSM technologies in one product: The proven VSM CERAMICS grain technology with continuous self-sharpening is perfectly complemented by the VSM ALU-X additional grinding-active layer for significantly better chip clearance.

X-treme performance meets reduced chip adhesion

"Improved chip removal and therefore fewer tool changes, more workpieces per shift and a grease-free workplace: these are the requirements our customers have when it comes to abrasives for processing non-ferrous metals such as aluminium," says Heiko Schaefer, Product Manager at VSM. “And we are happy to be able to meet these requirements with our ALU-X series.”

"The new ALU-X additional layer reduces chip adhesion and thus significantly reduces clogging of the abrasive. The ceramic series XF733 and XK733X with ALU-X therefore offer increased performance with up to 40 percent more stock removal. In addition, there is reduced chip adhesion, which leads to a longer service life with fewer tool changes," continues Heiko Schaefer.

Less cleaning, more grinding

When it comes to machining alumimium, grinding greases and oils are used to extend the service life of conventional abrasives. These are not necessary with ALU-X. The additional grinding-active layer and the semi-open coating of ceramic grain result in significantly reduced chip adhesion. With ALU-X, the workplace remains grease-free and the extended service life also improves the grinding time.

ALU-X Made in Germany

At the company headquarters in Hanover, VSM develops and produces not only all the coated abrasives, but also the ceramic abrasive grain. Because the abrasive grain is produced in-house, the performance of the abrasives can be influenced to a large extent. With its in-house development department, VSM is also able to improve existing solutions and drive innovation.

Five experts for aluminium grinding

Whether for preparing or removing weld seams, deburring, grinding sprues, grinding out flaws as part of repair grinding, or achieving the desired technical surface quality: virtually all grinding work with non-ferrous workpieces can be carried out easily with the ALU-X series from VSM.

VSM CERAMICS with ALU-X is available as fibre disc XF733 in grit sizes 24, 36, 60 and 80: Ideal for rough grinding with low to medium contact pressure. And as abrasive belt XK733X in grit sizes 24, 36, 40, 60, 80 and 120. Optimised for rough grinding with medium pressure, and also suitable for wet grinding.

The ALU-X series also includes VSM ALUMINIUM OXIDE abrasive belts KK732X, KK532F and KP532E. These products come in grit sizes from P36 to P600, making them true all-rounders. The abrasive grain produces a matte scratch pattern and is particularly recommended for working on contours.

By experts for experts

Would you like to find out more about machining aluminium and non-ferrous metals? Then please register for our live webinars “ALU-X?! The new expert for aluminium grinding!” on 1st November or 29th November. Please note that the live webinars are held in German and English. Further information on the webinars can be found here: or directly from your VSM contact person.

Further information about the ALU-X series can be found here:

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