You have very specific requirements in your company. These may involve achieving defined surface values, or processing as many workpieces as possible per shift. Whether for flat or cylindrical grinding, or for applications with hand-held machines or robots. Our VSM abrasives experts know their way around a wide range of machines and materials. They can also evaluate and optimise grinding parameters such as the feed rate, the contact wheel or the right coolant mixture.

Send us your enquiry today and we will work with you to develop a tailor-made grinding seminar for your company.

Possible seminar content

  • How do you identify the optimisation potential of your application?
  • Which abrasive is best suited for a desired scratch pattern?
  • How do different abrasive grain technologies affect your application?
  • How do you identify possible sources of error and counteract them?
  • What technical possibilities are there for assessing the surface quality and what are their respective benefits?


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Siegmundstrasse 17 · 30165 Hanover

or at your premises

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Costs for the seminar:
We will prepare an individual offer for you according to your requirements