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In our two-day seminar, we’ll give you an overview of new grain technologies and their advantages for the grinding process. We’ll present our special product range for OEM business and assembly companies, and show you how to find the right abrasive for your customers quickly and reliably. You’ll also gain insights into the production of VSM abrasives, while the comprehensive practical part will give you first-hand experience of how various grain types perform.

Our abrasives experts look forward to a lively exchange of ideas!

After the seminar ...

... you’ll be familiar with the potential offered by new grain technologies
... you’ll be able to find your way around the VSM product portfolio quickly and easily – and find the right abrasive for your customer
... you’ll know all about the VSM OEM products and the various series for converters
... you’ll have an even better understanding of your customers’ applications
... you’ll have improved your expertise as an advisor
... you’ll speak the same language as your customers when it comes to discussing the technical requirements of grinding processes


VSM AG · Competence Centre
Siegmundstraße 17 · 30165 Hannover · Germany

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Cost of the two-day seminar:
EUR 380.00 (plus VAT).

Included in the price are: Lunch and dinner, shuttle service (hotel to VSM and back), training documents and material costs