VSM abrasives are used for surface, cylindrical sanding and manual finishing. For these applications, our products can sand and finish a variety of materials: metal,

wood, glass, granite, plastics and many more. Contact us now!

Flat Surface grinding

Flat materials can be optimally finished using VSM abrasives. Layers of scale or surface defects are removed in the rough finishing stage. A second finishing and polishing stage achieves a specific surface quality. From repair grinding and customised decorative grinding patterns to exact surface finishing: VSM offers the right abrasive to suit your needs


For all surface grinding processes for stainless steel, VSM offers suitable abrasives on cloth, paper and vulcanised fibre backings in a variety of sizes and dimensions.

Non-ferrous metals

A variety of finishing qualities can be achieved with VSM abrasives. Regardless of whether you are looking for a high stock removal or the perfect finish: VSM offers the right abrasive solution.


VSM cloth and paper-backed abrasive belts have been especially developed for efficient processing of various types of wood, wood-based materials and pre-painted surfaces in flat surface grinding. They are also available with VSM Antistatic coating as an option.

Composites and solid surface materials

VSM grinding solutions are also suitable for specialist applications using materials, such as synthetics, granite, carbon, glass, leather and a host of other materials.

Cylindrical grinding

Wires, tubes and cylindrically-shaped workpieces made of metal can be used for many different applications. Grinding solutions by VSM always ensure high stock removal and a consistent surface finish.


One of the many applications for cylindrical grinding is wire grinding. The flawless belt joints of VSM abrasives are decisive for the quality of your wire products. A precisely defined surface finish ensures the highest possible process reliability.


Whether tubes are to be welded or drawn: Grinding the workpiece reliably removes surface defects which occur during manufacturing. VSM abrasives also ensure that the scratch pattern is consistent and reproducible.

Cylindrical grinding

Cylindrical workpieces can be finished by centreless grinding, outside or inside diameter grinding. Surface defects or layers of scale are removed in these processes.

Off-hand grinding and hand-held machines

For non-stationary finishing work, electric or pneumatic hand-held machines are used with hook-and-loop or fibre discs, abrasive belts, strip sheets or conical tools.


Various levels of backing flexibilities are required to finish punched or moulded workpieces. VSM abrasives adapt to the workpiece's contour to ensure the abrasive grain is ideally aligned and achieves maximum efficiency.

Hand-held abrasives

VSM hand-held abrasives are ideal for grinding, intermediate sanding and fine sanding edges, contours, corners or areas that are difficult to access. The flexibility of the backing material ensures it optimally adapts to the workpiece to be sanded.

Power tools

VSM provides professional abrasives for almost any hand-held grinding operation. They can be used for angle, excenter, belt or file grinding operations and are just as suitable for levelling welds as they are for removing surface imperfections or achieving a perfect surface pattern and high gloss finishes.

Parquet flooring

VSM offers a wide range of products for use in the manufacturing and in the treatment of parquet floorings. Thanks to their robust backings, VSM abrasives are an excellent product for resinous wood materials and the processing of solid wood.

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