Optimized Grinding Processes

Cost savings up to 40%

Having the right abrasive is not enough. All components involved in the grinding process have to be perfectly adjusted as well. Cost savings of up to 40% have proven to be realistic. They can be achieved by reducing the amount of rejects, reducing cycle times and the amount of machine down-times.

All process parameters, such as contact wheel, feed rate, cutting speed and the right lubricant have to be optimised to enhance the operation of the abrasive in use. Only by taking all these factors into account can a sustainable reduction of costs be achieved.

VSM Process Cost Optimizer

The VSM Process Cost Optimizer is a tool which is easy to use. It helps to set and change process parameters for different types of abrasives so that the costs and benefits derived from using abrasives with changing settings can easily be compared. This leads to finding the best solution for a given application, which is always tailored to the customers’ needs.

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