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With currently over 200 abrasive product lines, VSM offers an extensive portfolio of products. Our customers in the industry and specialist trade are guaranteed to find the right product for virtually any sanding or grinding task - on a variety of materials and in diverse sizes and dimensions. VSM abrasives are distributed on a global scale by specialist retailers or directly to industrial end customers.

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Paper and cloth backings


VSM rolls can be used for a wide range of different applications. They are available on both paper and cloth in a variety of sizes and dimensions.


VSM produces abrasive belts in various sizes: From filing belts to wide belts and from sleeves to long belts; they are available on cloth and paper backings depending on their particular use.


Sheets are universal products for manual work and hand-held machines. Special versions are available designed to work certain materials.

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VSM abrasive discs are produced on cloth and paper backings for the use on hand-held machines. They come in different dimensions and are available with a velour-back or self-adhesive coat.

Products for converters

VSM also supplies basic goods for further processing. These include abrasive flap-wheels, rotors and mounted flap-wheels. This has made VSM a reliable partner of the processing industry worldwide for decades

Fibre discs

Grain on fibre backing

VSM fibre abrasive discs are produced in various dimensions for hand-held machines. XF805 series fibre discs are also available with VSM CERAMICS Plus grain.

Non-woven abrasives

Surface Conditioning

A long service life and resistant backing are the particular features of the VSM Surface Conditioning Material. Optimised grain distribution together with innovative binding systems produces an above-average lifetime and high-quality, reproducible surfaces.

Clean and Finish

These non-woven products are suitable for manual use and on hand-held machines. Their high level of flexibility and, as a result, excellent ability to adapt to the shape of the workpiece produce an excellent surface quality. VSM Clean and Finish are available as sheets, discs and rolls with diverse grain structures.

Non-woven on cloth backing

These products are used in long-belt applications for sanding lightly profiled parts and surfaces. The flexible structure of the backing and the soft, padded non-woven fabric excellently adapts to the shape of the workpiece and delivers an extremely fine grinding pattern.

Non-woven on fibre backing

VSM Surface Conditioning Material is available on abrasive discs also on fibre backings. The product delivers an above-average service life and high-quality, reproducible surfaces

Preliminary products and accessories

VSM abrasive grain

VSM is one of the world's few ceramic grain manufacturers. That's quality 'made in Germany'.

VSM finished cloths

VSM coatings are the perfect finish for your abrasive! We provide producers with flexible and extremely robust coatings. Produced at its site in Hanover with its own cloth application facility.


VSM accessories simplify operations and improve efficiency, such as roll holders, which reduce the amount of roll used thanks to a tear-off attachment. VSM support plates of various geometries and designs ensure optimum support, stability and cooling effect.

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