VSM ACTIROX is now also available as an abrasive belt: Maximum stock removal and increased productivity thanks to geometrically shaped ceramic grains

World-first Actirox now also available as a belt for stationary applications

The hannover-based abrasives manufacturer Vereinigte Schmirgel- und Maschinen-Fabriken (VSM) AG now presents the new AK890Y abrasive belt from the VSM ACTIROX technology family. The stock removal-orientated ceramic grain abrasive sets new standards for processing superalloys, stainless steels and carbon steels when it comes to stock removal and grinding speeds.

Since 2018, customers in the metal processing and metalworking industries have already benefited from ACTIROX AF890 and AF799 fibre discs. ACTIROX is based on geometrically shaped ceramic grains that break down very uniformly and in a controlled manner. As they break down, they constantly produce fresh and sharp cutting edges. “Due to this advanced technology, the abrasive has particularly aggressive and fast grinding action and demonstrates its full performance right from the start," explains Simon Heuer, Manager Global Product Management and Application Engineering at VSM, the decisive advantage of the ACTIROX series.

ACTIROX for stationary grinding applications

Now stationary applications can also benefit from ACTIROX AK890Y. The abrasive belt developed for low to medium contact pressures reduces noise and vibrations, thus significantly reducing strain on people and machines. Operating costs for maintenance and resulting downtimes are significantly reduced. Whether deburring, grinding cast parts or levelling weld seams, the faster cut significantly reduces processing time.

Significantly improved productivity thanks to faster cut

This pays dividends for all users. In the field test, ACTIROX AK890Y was able to achieve 15 percent more stock removal than the previous leading abrasive when grinding cast parts made of a titanium alloy (Ti Al 6242). Maximum stock removal results in lower operating expenses, such as energy and storage costs.

For maximum stock removal in a wide range of applications

“With the new abrasive belt, the ACTIROX technology family now covers a wide range of grinding applications. When maximum stock removal is required for superalloys, stainless steel, and carbon steel, ACTIROX is the obvious choice”, says Simon Heuer.

The new abrasive belt can now be ordered in various dimensions in grit size 36. Compare the new ACTIROX abrasive belt with your currently used abrasive belts and get in touch with your VSM contact person today.

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